The Lost Book of Abraham

The Book of Abraham is probably the most clear and documented evidence that Joseph Smith had no special ability to translate ancient documents. This has left apologists with the mind numbing task of reinventing the Book of Abraham and Joseph’s translation methods. The response from apologists has been that it wasn’t a literal translation, but a “spiritual translation”. This is an ever increasing trick by apologist. When the evidence doesn’t support the claim, just make the claim more and more broad and vague, despite Joseph’s own description of the process. Once you redefine a literal translation into a “spiritual translation,” you’ve effectively made it unfalsafiable. The problem with making a claim unfalsifiable however, is that you’ve effectivly made it unverafiable and completely meritless. This is the same trick apologists have used to redefine the Book of Mormon because of the total lack of evidence to support it.


I had already come to understand all the information presented here by reading books such as Mormonism Shadow or Reality.  The film places the order of events into a much clearer perspective for me.
Although I’ve known these things for several years now,when I see this film it breaks my heart.  How I wish Joseph Smith really was a prophet and how I miss the feeling of security that it once gave me to trust in the church.

This is for the most part, fairly comprehensive.  If Joseph Smith claimed to have translated the papyri but now it is proven he did not, how are we to feel secure in trusting Smith translated gold plates?  The only way I could do it is if there were no anachronisms (steel in the wrong time frame, incorrect crops mentioned, wheels etc), no plagerism from the KJV bible, and a host of other problems in this supposedly perfect book.  Not so.  Smith, with his other polygamy schemes, bank failures, and fraud treasure digging background cannot be trusted.  Game over, for me.

Thanks for posting this I would love to share it with some family members.

I watched this with my ten year old daughter and she could comprehend everything that was being shared. Her comment to me was, “So he lied about the whole thing?” It is so simple and in your face that you almost can’t believe that so many don’t see it.  I really do think the church leaders are laughing in SLC because we are sheep being led to the slaughter.

By johdan
on 09/16/2007

I’m sure they laugh when they see the big juicy numbers that are deposited in their personal bank account each month, but me-thinks they’re collective pretty much worried sh_tless about the reality that more and more of the brain-dead are waking, fueling the ‘we got to send out more missionaries and get more brain-deads to keep those tithings coming in….”

I was reading about how much money the church takes in tithes and how much they actually give out in humanitarian effort and it was sickening!  The article stated, Bill Gates donates more than the Mormon church-I should make donations to him! All that money I gave-just to help them buy malls and cattle farms.

By johdan
on 09/17/2007

Go figure….....

From a stillmo:

ExMo Facto said:
“I miss the feeling of security that it once gave me to trust in the church.”

Speaks volumes.
I must say that I was having many feelings of the good intent of as far as how to implement the good of the Church into my life while not putting up with all of the BS that misled leaders and other members dole out.
After visiting the issue in my own mind for several months now and thru various online forums,  I cannot abandon the testimony that I have from the Holy Ghost.  The weaknesses in the Church I acknowledge are from man.  The stregnths I acknowledge are from the Lord.
I will continue to be a StillMO and maybe just be a wise cracker with members who annoy me.

I would recommend you strongly examine the evidence as you consider the testimony as received by the Holy Ghost. 

Members trust their feelings as evidence that the church is what it claims to be. However, feelings are simply unreliable when comes to testing the truth. Anyone knows they’ve had such feelings only to have them turned out comletely wrong. Many get those feelings of “burning in the bosom” and other such warm fuzzy feelings or inspirational feelings when watching “Phanton of the Opera” or “Les Mis.” Does this mean they are true? Many get bad feelings when they learn about the Holocaust. Does that mean the Holocaust isn’t true?

I have a new testimony of truth. It is not based on falsehoods or deception. It is based on tangible evidence, based solidly on facts, not fiction. Based on the evidence of the facts, historical research, and feelings, I now know that church is not true, Joseph Smith was not a prophet of God, and the Book of Mormon is not the word of God. Gordon B. Hinckley, thank you for recommending that I face the facts of the matter. You are absolutely right, there is no middle ground. The church is nothing but a fraud!

Here’s a few suggestions of places to visit as you examine your testimony.

1. When I was a missionary in Japan Tokyo North, I taught that Joseph Smith was visited by God and Jesus. I’ve since learned there are several contradictory Smith versions of the First Vision. See the following links for more details:

2. Smith married and had sex with 11 women who were married to other men at the same time. He also married young teen girls, some as young as 14. These are documented on the church’s own geneaology website. (enter Joseph Smith, 1805 birth) See the following links for more details:

3. The Book of Abraham in the Pearl of Great Price is a fake translation of common Egyption funeral papyri dated centuries after the time of Abraham. The church hides this fact from the members and continues to claim that the book is of divine origin. See the following links for more details:

4. Modern science research does not support the claims made in the Book of Mormon. Why is there no Israelite DNA evidence of Lamanites? Why does the evidence lead back to Siberia? There are many other significant problems with the Book of Mormon. See the following links for more details:

5. Joseph Smith plagiarized the temple ceremony from Masonry just weeks after he became a Mason. He also taught that temple covenants and ordinances are eternal and unchangeable/unalterable. Why have they been changed multiple times and had parts completely removed? See the following links for more details:

6. The Black race was denied the priesthood until 1978. Brigham Young taught blacks should not receive the blessings of the preisthood nor his seed, until the last of the posterity of Able had received the preisthood, until the redemtion of the earth. See the following links for more details:


7. The Kinderhoek Plates. Joseph Smith accepted these forged plates without question and even went so far as to “translate” a portion of the fake writing found on the plates. Later the perpetrators of the fraud confessed that the Kinderhook plates were modern forgeries created specifically for the purpose of entrapping Joseph Smith. See the following links for more details:

8. The testimony of the eight witnessess and three witnessess in the Book of Mormon claim to have seen the gold plates and the angel Moroni. But did they physically see or through spiritual eyes? See the following links for more details:

Suspcious Minds-Thank you for your post!  StillMo, I have a friend who, even though she has said that she questions (in her mind only) the church, she feels that one of two things is true: either God doesn’t want it revealed-meaning man just “isn’t ready for it, or “it will all get worked out later.”  How convenient!  It sounds like when the gov’t thinks we can’t handle seeing gov’t documents and supresses them, and by the time they are released no one who lived is alive.

She continues to rationalize that the church still has so many “good things” to offer.  I, in good conscience, can no longer believe that the ONLY way to raise my family with values is through the church.  More importantly, I will no longer have me and my family be lied to over and over again and then have the “moral police” question whether or not I should wear my garments when I work out. 

If you want to continue in the church, I think that is great FOR YOU.  However, if the church REALLY believes in the 8th article of faith, then truly let those who leave the church LEAVE. 

Also, I don’t need GBH telling me to leave the church and then leave it alone.  How many times did the LDS church not leave me and countless others alone?

Just because the church allows its members to buy wheat from the cannery doesn’t mean I will negate how they lied.

My Holy Ghost told me to not just walk away from the church but to RUN.

I’ve looked at the family file of Joseph Smith on the and it doesn’t really prove anything as these files have not been verified against official records. Furthermore I noticed at least one of the supposed plural wives of Joseph Smith was born in 1839 (Sarah Stiles) so how could she have been a wife when only 5 years old at the time of his death? This is in responce to the above link by Suspicious Minds. Is there any hard evidence on the subject? I don’t disagree but I’m looking for facts that can be proven. People can add to these ancestral files for misleading purposes. There’s a lot of hearsay about but it’s facts that can be proven or verified that is needed.

By Jeff Ricks
on 06/13/2009

This Wikipedia article lists Smith’s wives.

Yes, it’s ‘Wikipedia’ but if the information wasn’t true Mormons would have had the information taken down immediately. Mormons seem to vigilantly watch the information that goes up on Wikipedia on anything related to Mormonism, and they quickly challenge what they don’t agree with. Read the information on the Discussion page for that article. It gives some insight into how well the information has been vetted, even by LDS organizations.

Let’s pretend JS didn’t consumate any of his “spiritual wives” marriages.  What does section 132 of the D & C, which JS claimed to have received by revelation, say about that?  Remember that when G_D gives a commandment to the children of men, he expects them to obey and he will open up a way for them to obey.  So now let’s read D & C 132:60-64  

60 Let no one, therefore, set on my servant Joseph; for I will justify him; for he shall do the sacrifice which I require at his hands for his transgressions, saith the Lord your God.

  61 And again, as pertaining to the law of the priesthood—if any man espouse a virgin, and desire to espouse aanother, and the first give her consent, and if he espouse the second, and they are virgins, and have vowed to no other man, then is he justified; he cannot commit adultery for they are given unto him; for he cannot commit adultery with that that belongeth unto him and to no one else.

  62 And if he have aten virgins given unto him by this law, he cannot commit adultery, for they belong to him, and they are given unto him; therefore is he justified.

  63 But if one or either of the ten virgins, after she is espoused, shall be with another man, she has committed adultery, and shall be destroyed; for they are given unto him to amultiply and replenish the earth, according to my commandment, and to fulfil the promise which was given by my Father before the foundation of the world, and for their exaltation in the eternal worlds, that they may bear the souls of men; for herein is the work of my Father continued, that he may be bglorified.

The first section in verse 61 makes it very clear that it is about “espousing” or simply put to marry…and they must be virgins and espoused/married to no other man.  It is clear then that even though JS may not have had sex with these women, he clearly violated the “principle” by not obtaining consent from Emma (Josepth threatened to destroy Emma if she did not comply), and secondly by espousing women who were already married to good and faithful mormon husbands. 

Now then, in the section in verse 63, G_D makes it clear about the purpose of espousing/marrying a virgin. Why?  To procreate/have sex and bear children to glorify G_D!  If JS failed to obey such a commandment as was given by an angel with a flaming sword, then he is a fallen prophet!   

Either way, JS was an adulterer and a liar before G_D, even if he didn’t have sex with the women he married.  There is no sitting on the fence with interpreting this scripture. 

For more about the wives, visit

To me Wikipedia is not a reliable source. Wikipedia must be the most unreliable encyclopaedia on the planet. And looking at those names of the wives of JS it proves my point as it doesn’t even mention the one wife I picked out from in my previous entry. Both are not proof. Anybody can add false information to both. A more reliable source is found in the books by the respected scholar and writer Dean C. Jessee. He is an expert on the writings of JS. In his book “The Personal Writings of Joseph Smith” he mentions the plural wives of JS or at least those that were sealed to him in the Appendix B: Joseph Smith Chronology section. I think it’s important to understand that “Sealed” doesn’t necessarily mean marriage. But it’s obvious from the vast amount of information available especially from within the church itself that JS did indeed have plural wives. I find it strange though that Emma Smith to her death bed denied JS ever having more than her as a wife? That’s another subject and there could be countless reasons for it.

Yes, Suspicious Minds you show many good points and I find your answers well thought out and I enjoy reading your comments. Unfortunately I’m not as gifted as you when it comes to writing these kinds of things. And it probably doesn’t help that right now I’m suffering with a bad flu and migraine. So please excuse me for cutting this short.

PS: In the book “The Personal Writings of Joseph Smith” there’s a letter written by JS to Nancy Rigdon in 1842 after her apparent refusal of a proposal of plural marriage. It’s quite interesting how JS explains and justifies it all. The notes and letter are found on pages 506-509. I’m not sure if it was a refusal to JS or a man named John C. Bennett?

Actually, if you check out section D&C;132:64-65 it clears JS or any man if the first wife disagrees with him accepting a new wife:

64 And again, verily, verily, I say unto you, if any man have a wife, who holds the keys of this power, and he teaches unto her the law of my priesthood, as pertaining to these things, then shall she believe and administer unto him, or she shall be destroyed, saith the Lord your God; for I will destroy her; for I will magnify my name upon all those who receive and abide in my law.
  65 Therefore, it shall be lawful in me, if she receive not this law, for him to receive all things whatsoever I, the Lord his God, will give unto him, because she did not believe and administer unto him according to my word; and she then becomes the transgressor; and he is exempt from the law of Sarah, who administered unto Abraham according to the law when I commanded Abraham to take Hagar to wife.

You see it says that the wife would be the transgressor if she does not believe and administer unto him (her husband) according to the Lord’s will. The husband becomes exempt from the law of Sarah which is to say that he wouldn’t need her permission to marry another woman. How very convenient. “But hunny the Lord told me I could.” How can you argue with a Prophet?

Damned if you do, damned if you don’t!  How is it possible that people just don’t see through all the BS!!  G_D gives JS a pass card so he can screw around with any woman he wants and he’s justified?  Give your head a freakin’ shake!  No wonder people wanted him dead.

Suspicious Minds - Very well written. I am not, nor have I ever have been a Mormon, but one of my kids signed up. By kid I mean a 29 year old. So far it has cost her, her house, her job, bankruptcy and her happiness, as she cannot live up to the crazy expectations imposed. She is purely miserable these days, and sort of senses that the organization (I refuse to call it a church) is false, but they have her terrified that she will suffer eternal punishment.
So now I watch a lovely young lady’s life go down the crapper because Joey was an over-sexed, power hungry con artist. Sheeeesh.


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